Brookside Christian High School is regionally accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Credits are recognized by other accredited schools, colleges, and universities.



Mission Statement

The mission statement of BCHS is to educate and nurture young men and women from every ethnic and socio-economic background in the San Joaquin County to assist them in the growth of their academics, life skills, and spiritual development.


Vision Statement

The vision statement of BCHS is to prepare students for the next step, life, and eternity.

The vision statement flows from the mission statement with a projected perspective. The use of the words, next step, is to communicate many steps, broken down. At the macro level, the next step for high school is college and career. However, within high school, students are prepared for the assignment, the next project, the next exam, and the next grade level. At the micro level, teachers prepare students for the next lesson, the next decision, or the next conversation. BCHS prepares students for life by providing Christian education as a foundation for a stable, productive, successful life that glorifies God. The school, represented by key stakeholders, are ultimately committed to preparing students for eternity through Jesus Christ.


Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

The BCHS Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) are the results of learning that the school community expects from our students. The BCHS ESLRs reflect the values of the BCHS key stakeholders, and are aligned with the BCHS vision statement. The ESLRs are organized by three broad domains, that describe the bandwidth of the school community’s values and expectations. The ESLR domains are  academic achievement, disciplined life, and spiritual development. Within each domain are four facets that provide fidelity regarding the values and expectations of the school community. The facets are defined, and include evidence examples.

The BCHS ESLRs are the school community’s expectations regarding student outcomes that result from student experience at BCHS. The ESLRs are aligned with the BCHS vision statement, reflect the values of BCHS key stakeholders, are organized by three broad domains, and include 12 facets.

ESLR Domains

Vision Statement


Three domains, aligned with
our Vision and Worldview

Brookside Christian
prepares students for

We are created in the
image of God, 3 in 1

  • Academic Achievement
  • Disciplined Life
  • Spiritual Development

  • the next step,
  • life, and
  • eternity.

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit

ESLR Facets


  • Academic Achievement
    1. Knowledge
    2. Analysis
    3. Critical Thinking
    4. Creativity
  • Disciplined Life
    1. Physical Management
    2. Emotional Regulation
    3. Work Ethic
    4. Social Skills
  • Spiritual Development
    1. Biblical Knowledge
    2. Personal Relationship with God
    3. Character
    4. Discipleship and Evangelism